Sunday, January 16, 2011

After Christmas Blues .....

Its been snowing here in Cannoli, PA for the past week. Not heavy amounts, but enough that I need to head out at least once a day and clear the back door and walk. The good news is that that's the only area I have to do, the front of the manse is handled by the church.

My wife does the area from the manse to her office. The joke is, her office is on the other side of the connecting door to the church.

Anyway, I finally got the last of the outside decorations down after Epiphany, so all the lights are off the lawn, the wreath down from the front, and the lit electric candles out of the windows. It just looks drab at night now ...

I think it looked quite nice, of course some of the locals were scratching their head until the first candle was lit.

.... and so it goes !!