Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Youth Sunday

Today was Stodgy Presbyterian's annual Youth Sunday. I've attended a few of these, and they can vary from very good, to simply awful. This one wasn't all that bad, and had some areas of humor.

First off the kids had a ball, they enjoyed singing the songs, and doing their parts in the skit. The use of music was good, using some good contemporary praise songs. However, the liturgical dance was uneven, partly due to the choreography not being up to par, and partly due to the background music (with lyrics that would correspond with the dance) was not as loud as it should have been. That last part is due to the antiquated sound system we're stuck with here. I did say we were Stodgy !!

The skit was in place of a sermon, and emphasized that God keeps his promises. In this case, it was God's promise to Noah not to use water to destroy the earth again, sealing this promise with a rainbow. There was humor, but the congregation really enjoyed hearing the pastor's voice as the voice of God. After service, I said to him, no cracks about the 'voice of God' from the pulpit next week.

I enjoyed the service, but I fully expect to hear complaints from the grey-hairs about inappropriateness of this or that. Frankly I don't care, without taking some steps outside the box, a congregation does not grow, whether in numbers or in faith. This congregation is more like Laodicea than Philadelphia, and I pray that it grows hot in the faith and in its outreach.

And so it goes .... !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work ....

Today is the first day I've felt good enough to go to work in about a week. Needless to say, I would have rather have gone to work the first few days of this week than spend it at home going through the fun chronicled in the previous post.

However, the past week has not been all that bad. I heard from a friend at Plodding Theological Seminary that they were given permission to circulate their PIF, unofficially of course as they have not been officially certified to receive a call, but this is progress.

So, they've been busy all week finishing up the PIF, and getting them in the mail, and researching CIFs. Should be interesting to see what turns up and where.

As for me, I have a weeks worth of Honey Do's that have piled up, the biggest being the lawn. Unfortunately, its been wet most of the week, so the grass has grown. The fortunate thing is the weather reports all talk about sunshine, highs in the 80's, and clear so I'll be able to get the lawn done tomorrow. My only question is that should I let the mulching mower do its thing, or should I bag the first cut.
I've heard both suggestions, I'm leaning to the mulch as it will return the nitrogen to the soil, but with the grass so high, I'm not sure that the mower will chop the blades fine enough.

Decisions, decisions .... maybe I'll just procrastinate until Tuesday. Urp, its going to rain ... oh well.

... and so it goes !!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creeping Crud, or a Mussel Cramp ... ???

This past weekend we went down to visit with friends in 'Nother State Completely. While there, on Friday they took us to have dinner at a restaurant we used to eat at when we were living in that state.

I had the seafood with penne, something I usually had before. This time I was surprised to see mussels in shell, along with the usual shrimp and other seafood. I love mussels, and these looked good; nicely opened after cooking. As you may know, if they don't open, you don't eat them.

Sunday, after 11AM worship, we went to lunch with another set of friends, and readied ourselves for the trip back to Plodding. Well, my stomach felt kind of wonky, so I figured I had better visit the euphemism before the trip. Felt a bit better, so we took off.

As we hit the turnpike, I started to feel all achy and the gut starting doing flips. At the next rest area, I again visited the euphemism and said to SWMBO, you had better drive the rest of the way. I then set the passenger seat back, and moaned all the way back home.

Hit the house, opened the door, ran for the hall euphemism; which was my residence (it seemed) for the next day and a half. On Tuesday, after a day of more of the same; Immodium was not helping, so I made a beeline that morning for the local 'MedExpress'. Its one of those walk-in places, but they are very good for these emergency type of problems, that really aren't the type of emergency the E.R. would need to see.

The doctor wasn't sure if it was a bug, or the mussels, so he wanted to do some tests, and then recommended more Immodium and a yeast tablet to reintroduce good stuff back into my plumbing. I didn't have a fever, so he wasn't sure if it was a virus, or bacteria, and he was hesitant to issue any antibiotics as it would do more harm than good if it wasn't a bacteria. I tended to agree, as I'm not one to take antibiotics for every little fever. So he sent me home, reminding me to drink fluids, take the Immodium, and not to eat mussels. He also said that if I was really feeling weak, come back in and they'd set me up with IV fluids. Oh joy !!

Needless to say, for most of the week I've been pretty worthless. Not really eating much, and when I have, not having much fun afterward. That said, today is not the day to have a problem, as I'm the Alpha Course coordinator, and need to be prepared for a group coming tonight.

So, this morning I fortified myself with Immodium, and went about the business of getting supplies for the course. I would have done this on Monday, but due to other issues (heh) was unable to shop, and BTW also missed the Session meeting scheduled that evening. I was so out-of-it Monday, that I totally repressed any thought of going anywhere, and forgot to call to let them know I was not able to attend.

Now, I'm still not quite sure what is causing the problem, and apparently the problem is still with me, although not as violent as at the beginning of the week.
I'm hoping that the tests will come back with some idea of what it was.

And so it goes .....

(oh my ... )

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Its been a while ....

... since I last posted my thoughts or rants. Perhaps this is a good thing!! Perhaps I've been too busy, or just that I've not felt moved to write anything. So, some rambling, random thoughts.

Lessee ... its Holy Week, there's a Communion Service on Maundy Thursday, and Tenebrae on Good Friday here at Stodgy Presbyterian. One I can attend, the other I have to be at work, which has happened the last three years. I've missed going to a Tenebrae service, as it does have some very meaningful moments when its done correctly.

SWMBO has attended the Tenebrae services here, and she has said that they are very good, so I do regret having to miss them. I would have requested the day off, but there are some required days off coming up that I have to take, so I'll head to work instead.

This year the new C.E. director has actually told people that they are NOT going to call the Easter Egg hunt and brunch on Saturday the 'Bunny Breakfast'. It is going to have an egg hunt, and a bunny will be there, but the focus will be on what we're celebrating the day after. Her response when people protested: "We're a CHURCH, not a social club!" Actually shut a few people up!!

On Easter I'll be handing out the Alpha Course's new booklet from Nicky Gumble, Why Easter along with an Alpha Course FAQ/Signup sheet to visitors at Easter Worship. I've been advertising both our Holy Week services as well as the Alpha Course in the local weeklies these past two weeks.

I'm aiming at those people who may be Christians, but who are not sure, or who have not attended lately. If you look at the ad, it asks two questions that I know many people are asking around this time of the year. Hopefully I'll see a response, but I also suspect that I may have to cancel the course again this time around.

That said, the C.E. ministry has been doing Wednesday night activities for the kids, grammar through high school. They want to do a family dinner, then activities. We have been talking about merging our Alpha dinner with theirs and then having the adults join us for Alpha. I may do the Alpha Express version for them. It gives all the points, but takes less time, which may work for these parents; since many of them don't have the time to attend on Sunday. Perhaps dinner and a video would help them ?

We'll see.

.... and so it goes !!

Have a Holy and Blessed Easter !!