Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creeping Crud, or a Mussel Cramp ... ???

This past weekend we went down to visit with friends in 'Nother State Completely. While there, on Friday they took us to have dinner at a restaurant we used to eat at when we were living in that state.

I had the seafood with penne, something I usually had before. This time I was surprised to see mussels in shell, along with the usual shrimp and other seafood. I love mussels, and these looked good; nicely opened after cooking. As you may know, if they don't open, you don't eat them.

Sunday, after 11AM worship, we went to lunch with another set of friends, and readied ourselves for the trip back to Plodding. Well, my stomach felt kind of wonky, so I figured I had better visit the euphemism before the trip. Felt a bit better, so we took off.

As we hit the turnpike, I started to feel all achy and the gut starting doing flips. At the next rest area, I again visited the euphemism and said to SWMBO, you had better drive the rest of the way. I then set the passenger seat back, and moaned all the way back home.

Hit the house, opened the door, ran for the hall euphemism; which was my residence (it seemed) for the next day and a half. On Tuesday, after a day of more of the same; Immodium was not helping, so I made a beeline that morning for the local 'MedExpress'. Its one of those walk-in places, but they are very good for these emergency type of problems, that really aren't the type of emergency the E.R. would need to see.

The doctor wasn't sure if it was a bug, or the mussels, so he wanted to do some tests, and then recommended more Immodium and a yeast tablet to reintroduce good stuff back into my plumbing. I didn't have a fever, so he wasn't sure if it was a virus, or bacteria, and he was hesitant to issue any antibiotics as it would do more harm than good if it wasn't a bacteria. I tended to agree, as I'm not one to take antibiotics for every little fever. So he sent me home, reminding me to drink fluids, take the Immodium, and not to eat mussels. He also said that if I was really feeling weak, come back in and they'd set me up with IV fluids. Oh joy !!

Needless to say, for most of the week I've been pretty worthless. Not really eating much, and when I have, not having much fun afterward. That said, today is not the day to have a problem, as I'm the Alpha Course coordinator, and need to be prepared for a group coming tonight.

So, this morning I fortified myself with Immodium, and went about the business of getting supplies for the course. I would have done this on Monday, but due to other issues (heh) was unable to shop, and BTW also missed the Session meeting scheduled that evening. I was so out-of-it Monday, that I totally repressed any thought of going anywhere, and forgot to call to let them know I was not able to attend.

Now, I'm still not quite sure what is causing the problem, and apparently the problem is still with me, although not as violent as at the beginning of the week.
I'm hoping that the tests will come back with some idea of what it was.

And so it goes .....

(oh my ... )


  1. See the Doc--I had a friend who was ultimately hospitalized with cholera (not kidding--cholera) after eating some bad mussels.

  2. You poor thing! I got food poisoning two days into our honeymoon and for a day and a half I set up camp on the floor of our hotel room's bathroom.

    Praying that you are feeling 100% soon.

  3. Thanks for all the thoughts, I'm doing somewhat better, although I'm not 100% yet.

    I was able to have some soup today, without any effects ... yet.


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