Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Its been a while ....

... since I last posted my thoughts or rants. Perhaps this is a good thing!! Perhaps I've been too busy, or just that I've not felt moved to write anything. So, some rambling, random thoughts.

Lessee ... its Holy Week, there's a Communion Service on Maundy Thursday, and Tenebrae on Good Friday here at Stodgy Presbyterian. One I can attend, the other I have to be at work, which has happened the last three years. I've missed going to a Tenebrae service, as it does have some very meaningful moments when its done correctly.

SWMBO has attended the Tenebrae services here, and she has said that they are very good, so I do regret having to miss them. I would have requested the day off, but there are some required days off coming up that I have to take, so I'll head to work instead.

This year the new C.E. director has actually told people that they are NOT going to call the Easter Egg hunt and brunch on Saturday the 'Bunny Breakfast'. It is going to have an egg hunt, and a bunny will be there, but the focus will be on what we're celebrating the day after. Her response when people protested: "We're a CHURCH, not a social club!" Actually shut a few people up!!

On Easter I'll be handing out the Alpha Course's new booklet from Nicky Gumble, Why Easter along with an Alpha Course FAQ/Signup sheet to visitors at Easter Worship. I've been advertising both our Holy Week services as well as the Alpha Course in the local weeklies these past two weeks.

I'm aiming at those people who may be Christians, but who are not sure, or who have not attended lately. If you look at the ad, it asks two questions that I know many people are asking around this time of the year. Hopefully I'll see a response, but I also suspect that I may have to cancel the course again this time around.

That said, the C.E. ministry has been doing Wednesday night activities for the kids, grammar through high school. They want to do a family dinner, then activities. We have been talking about merging our Alpha dinner with theirs and then having the adults join us for Alpha. I may do the Alpha Express version for them. It gives all the points, but takes less time, which may work for these parents; since many of them don't have the time to attend on Sunday. Perhaps dinner and a video would help them ?

We'll see.

.... and so it goes !!

Have a Holy and Blessed Easter !!


  1. Thanks for the update!

    We're having a Seder Dinner tonight, and a Tennebrae service tomorrow. I don't know if we do it well, but people seem to find the simplicity and starkness powerful.

    I love the idea of combining having the family night with dinner and then the kids and adults separating for activities and study. It's something that I've wanted to do here, but weeknights are so hard for people here. Surprise, surprise. Sigh.

    May you and yours have a Holy and Blessed Easter as well!

  2. Good to hear from you again! I pray you'll get some response to the Alpha course. Combining may be a great idea.

    Happy Easter!

  3. Kim,

    Many places locally did a Seder last night, its actually a great idea combined with Communion.

    As far as 'too busy' on weeknights, we hear the same here, but the kids want to do something, and they are showing up. Hopefully we'll get the parents.


    yep, we hope the combination will work. Why do people pass up a free dinner anyway ??


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