Thursday, July 21, 2011

You've got to be kidding ......

I've not written much in the past month or so, even though there's so much that I could write about. The PC(USA) is in the midst of an upheaval that has not been seen since the days before the 'reunion' of the PCUS and UPCUSA.

However, that's not why I decided to write this post today ....

As many of you know, the PC(USA) finished voting on the amendments that were submitted to the presbyteries in June. The updated Book of Order was released on July 11th. Crimson-rock Presbytery ordered a bunch for its churches in order to get a multi-book discount; ok its only $1.50 off each book, but its a savings. At $10.00 a copy (8.50 with discount) its worth the cost, and the price of the book has not gone up in about 10 years or so.

At the same time a new BOO has been released, the PC(USA)usually makes available an Adobe PDF version for download. This has been a great help for those churches who can't afford to get each and every Ruling Elder their own copy. However, this time, the PDF is not available for download as of the date of this post. Its not as if it takes a long time to add the link, after all, they added a link to be able to directly purchase the hard copy of the BOO on the Constitution page of the PC(USA) website.

No, they could have done so, but instead they added a link to enable you to purchase a CD of the PDF for $10.00. WHY ??? They have a link to the Foundations portion of the BOO, but not the rest of it. OK you can copy the PDF for use by your elders, but why not have a link for direct download, why force members of the PC(USA) to have to buy a copy on CD ??

Do they need to generate income for some reason? Although, I fully expect per capita flowing to the Louisville headquarters to drop next year. I don't think that's it. After all, they spent a few thousands dollars (at least) printing and sending a full color brochure to each PC(USA) church telling them about all the great mission opportunities in the PC(USA) that are available for the churches to donate to.

OR ---

Are they trying to keep the Ruling Elders from seeing the actual changes that have been done to the Book of Order? OK, that does sound paranoid, but it doesn't mean it may not be true!

Seriously, why isn't the PDF available for individual download as the Book of Confessions is? Inquiring Presbyterians want to know!!

That said, I want to thank the Presbyterian Coalition for making the 2011-2013 Book of Order available for ordinary PC(USA) members to download

And so it goes ....

Update: it appears that the idea for charging for the download came from the Stated Clerk himself as a revenue source. This tends to confirm my speculation that they are looking for additional revenue to make up for lost per capita. Yet, the production of the Book of Order is something that SHOULD be covered by per capita funding, shouldn't it ?? As I mentioned, I have no problem with paying for the printed version, after all this would cover the costs of printing, etc. Yet why would they need a revenue stream with all the per capita being sent to Louisville, perhaps they should quit funding areas where the PC(USA) really should not have a presence, such as the Washington office.