Monday, August 31, 2009

Creeping Crud

For the past four days I've had what I call, The Creeping Crud. Its basically an upper respiratory illness that creeps over me like the Blob of movie lore.

It starts out with a slight scratchiness to the throat with a dry cough when I talk too much. It then moves to a full blown sore throat, which accompanying chest congestion, and nose running the marathon.

Invariably I'm too sick to get out of bed to head over to the quick express medical place until the secord or third full day of symptoms. I've already missed a day of work by that time, and usually find out that I'm going to miss a few more.

Not that I'm contagious (they tested for flu) its just that I'm achy, sore and tired. Its amazing how tired you get when you're sick, and coughing. By the fourth day, my lungs are sore from the coughing, and it feels like I've been worked over by the old NYPD boileroom boys*.

By the fifth day, I'm not quite 100%, but well enough to head back to work. Happy Happy, Joy Joy !!

... and so it goes

*In case you don't get that reference, they were supposedly a bunch of cops with rubber hoses that were liberally applied to the sides of the offender.

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