Friday, April 30, 2010

Down to Business

Some of you may know that I'm a computer geek, yeah I know, big surprise. Well, I've been doing computer support through my own home-based business for a while. I've also done a few websites for other companies.

Well, as a friend told me when she was looking at churches who were looking for pastors, some churches really have lousy looking websites. She thought that they really did not want to host visitors, because trying to find out any information about worship times, and location was virtually impossible.

I did some research, boy was she right. I saw plenty of Twirling Crosses but not much in the way of information for visitors. So, I saw an opportunity to offer a decent website, at a price small churches can afford.

So, if anyone needs a site, or wants to get rid of the twirling crosses, or the scrolling Jesus Loves You drop me an email. I can help you out, and you can keep me employed ;)

And so it goes ....

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