Thursday, December 16, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

Saw this movie the day it came out, on an IMAX screen. Loved the movie, but didn't write about it.

Went to see it again last week on a smaller screen, and I must say, my reaction is the same. Its almost like reading the book !! Steve Kloves, who's adapted the books for most of the movies was right when he convinced the producer David Heyman to spread the last book into two movies. You couldn't put all the threads of the final book in 2 hours 20 minutes, you would not give the book justice.

As it is, Steve had to reduce the number of characters seen in the book by having previously introduced characters in the movies do some of the actions. There are also some areas where people who were not fully introduced in earlier movies(Bill Weasley) had to be introduced in this one as they were crucial to certain areas of the story. So dialog had to be written to cover his scars from the werewolf attack.

That said, there is PLENTY of dialog as well as storyline taken straight from the book here so Potter fans will not be disappointed at all.

I can't wait until this coming summer for Part 2.

And so it goes ... ;)

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