Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hyposcrisy !!!

Lets contrast the welcoming, inclusive & liberal More Light Presbyterian gathering being held in Rochester NY, with the evangelical Fellowship of Presbyterians gathering in Minneapolis.


Access for all ?? - check!
All included in table conversations? - check!
Access to any and all seminars, breakouts? - check!

More Light:

Access for all? - no
All included in table conversations? - no
Access to any and all seminars, breakouts? - no

It seems that someone who was attending the Rochester meeting, an evangelical, was barred from workshops by the leadership of that "inclusive, affirming and tolerant" group. It appears that there are secret plans being developed for the next GA that they do not want publicized.

Contrast that with the openness that the Fellowship had in Minneapolis. No secret plans, nope everything that was being planned or talked about was out in the open, available for anyone to read, comment and publish.

And so it goes ...

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