Thursday, September 4, 2008

Monogamy Gene??

While perusing Presbyweb today, I read this post which linked to

Evidently scientists in Sweden have discovered a relationship between monogamy and a certain gene variation, 334 allete. In a study of 552 twins and their mates, men who had the gene variation did not do well on a 'bonding' test, and were likely to be unmarried. Men having 2 copies of the gene variation, were twice as likely to have a disfunctional marriage. Only 15% of men having no gene variation had a marital crisis, while 34% of the men having 2 copies reported a crisis.

Finally, partners of the men without the gene variation reported they were most satisfied with the relationship.

So, what does this mean, is there a monogamy gene? No, as those without the variation are more likely to be monogamous in a secure marriage. As the study authors said:

"The study suggests that two of every five men have this gene variation. The team isn’t sure what the variation does to a man’s behavior, but believes it has to do with their ability to communicate and show compassion. However, Walum stressed that larger studies need to be done to test how the variant affects a human being’s behavior and says other factors such as culture, religion, and family background also shape a man’s marital behavior."

They also say that since this shows a propensity for such behavior, like the genetic variation for alcoholism can alert those to avoid the temptations of bars and liquor stores; men can avoid the situations that would lead them to temptation.

This twin study actually found something that shows that there is a genetic propensity to stray, however, that genetic propensity does not control the person's actions. There was a twin study done a few years ago that did not find anything, whether a gene or gene variation, that could control or give any propensity to another behavior that would violate the chastity clause of the BOO, but that doesn't matter to some who only believe what they experience, rather than the truth of the written Word of God.

And so it goes.

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