Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Summer Sunday

While it is the Sunday before Labor Day, technically its not the last Sunday of the summer, which is fine with me.

Its in the 80s here today, but it cools down to the mid-60s at night so its actually nice in the evenings, unlike some areas where it just drops to the mid 70's with 80% humidity.

So ... besides worship, what else is on my plate for today. Time to cut the lawn again, then treat for crabgrass. Its been dry, and the crabgrass tends to take over unless something is done. So out with the Weed-B-Gone and the lawn sprayer.

Then there's my computer play. No, I'm not doing gaming (at least, not today), but I've been working on setting up an online registration form for Stodgy Presbyterian so that people can register for classes, and so on. The church website is hosted on a Linux host, so using .ASP pages is out (not that I'd want to use a M$ solution for this). I did some research and chose a Joomla backend which is a great open source content management system, and added CiviCRM which is a great add-on component that will allow non-profits to do stuff like online registration, online donations, etc.

I needed to get it up and running fast, so before I went on vacation, I had it going, but it wasn't very pretty as far as design. I wanted a signup form, and nothing else. However, an online friend of mine asked for some assistance with a church website, and was looking for something that could be very easy to maintain.

Well, Joomla is the perfect software to do this with. It allows people without any web programming or HTML experience to update a webpage by using a browser. So, along with the Visual Basic stuff I did over the vacation, I'm getting into the documentation for Joomla and getting ready to play with templates. What I want to do is eventually have Stodgy Presbyterian's website moved to the Joomla platform in its entirety and away from the M$ editing system (FP) that I'm currently using. OK .. it was available and its fast, so sue me !!

So, for the rest of the afternoon, I'll be reading online docs, and playing with a test system I setup. That is, until a local friend calls me to say he's home, and can I fix his firewall. As my wife says, "He's at his happiest when he's got a computer or programming problem to work on !!"

And so it goes ....

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