Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve Post

2008 ... what a year. My 401K became a 200.5K, my Mini Cooper had a clutch and water pump replaced, and I found out that I have arthritis in both my hands.

At least my cholesterol levels are down !!

What am I praying for in 2009?

Hopefully a full Alpha course this quarter (See previous entry: here).

A congregation that will understand that while budgeting 10% of offerings for missions and benevolences is a great goal, having the church fall around your ears while doing that is NOT good stewardship.

That the same congregation will learn that being a Christian does not mean showing up for Sunday worship, then forgetting about church for another week; ignoring all attempts to educate them in their faith.

And finally, that my friend will find a location that will accept her as the pastor I know she can be.

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  1. May all your prayers come true in 2009, RC!

    The Alpha course is a good place to start in congregational renewal. I've led Alpha groups several times and think it is an excellent program. May your course be full indeed!


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