Friday, December 12, 2008

Sappy Christmas Song

Quotidian Grace has again sponsored the 'Sappy Christmas Song' contest. I am an inveterate song parody lyricist, and can sit and write parody lyrics to a song at a moments notice.

Not that I can write a note, I can however, fit a word to the tune and the beat on a very close basis. I happen to enjoy contributing to this song contest, and I hope that what I did contribute added to the sappiness.

You can read (or sing) the Sappy Christmas Song here.

Update The final stanza that put this year's song in the Sappy Christmas Song Hall of Fame is here;


  1. Your contributions were great--and so erudite!!!

  2. Erudite !!

    First time someone's said that about me ;)

  3. Make sure you link your readers to your final addition--the one that all true afficionados of the "sappy Christmas song set"(all 6 or so of us)agree will make you eligible for inclusion in the Sappy Christmas Song Hall of Fame, albeit probably next century at the behest of the "old-timers" committee.


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