Thursday, October 8, 2009

Answer to Previous Puzzle

In my last blog post, I listed a blurb that was put in our monthly newsletter by our Stewardship Commission. I asked if anyone could figure out exactly what my wife saw as a problem.

Quotidian Grace saw one issue, no one was asked to bring their pledge cards to worship. That was part of it, but the other was more subtle.

Notice that the members are being asked to demonstrate our support to Stodgy Presbyterian Church . Not to the works and mission of SPC, but to SPC.

Some would say but that's implicit in the request but is it ?? How many people or congregations (and by inference: denominations) are more interested in the physical plant of the church, than the works and mission of the church.

It all goes back to the fact that in many churches we're not creating disciples, just country club members.

... and so it goes !!


  1. Last week's New Wineskins Association of Churches convocation in Chattanooga was filled with wonderful preaching and teaching. I know that NWAC has been anathematized by the PC(USA) leadership, but I would encourage evangelical PC(USA) congregations to look past the political trash and consider attending a convocation in an observer status--no commitment.

    Dr. Greg Ogden (PCUSA) preached and taught from Mark 3, Luke 6, and Matthew 28:16-20. He reminded us that Christ did not command us to make "members" or even "Christians." We are to make "disciples."

    When we concentrate on "membership," we change Christ's Church into a mere club. It is only when we train disciples to go out and bring the Good News to others that we are really faithful. I have always thought that the duty of "stewardship" has also been reduced inappropriately. At my first presbyterian church, the Pastor kept the "Stewardship Committee active in all 4 quarters. In 3, we focused on time and talents and only in the 4th did we ADD finances.

  2. I didn't see the previous post but I read this one and you have put your finger right on the button. Far too often we are asked to support the local church and not the mission. While the mission may be a good one, confusing the two is a step too far.

    Thank you for your blog and thank you for joining Rev Gals. I look forward to seeing you around.

    Do you tweet as well?


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