Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Sore Thumb!!

I've not talked about this previously, as I've always been able to work around it, however, now I have no choice.

I had arthritis in my left thumb, I say had as last Tuesday I had surgery to correct my lack of cartilage there. I am now walking around with 5 pounds of gauze,ace bandage and splints to keep the thumb and wrist from moving and tearing up the repair.

The liberal use of Percodan helps with pain, but it does not help when I try to type one handed. So, until I install some voice recognition software, I won't be commenting much, here or anywhere. I'm too impatient and dislike it taking 4 or 5 times as long to get things done.

I'm also praying more for those who have lost their use of their hands while serving on Active Duty.

I'll be back!!

.... and so it goes !!


  1. If this is the surgery where they strip a ligament from your arm and reconstructed the joint... my wife had both hands done. You are in my prayers. On the back side of this you'll be pretty much pain free as you go along.

    We'll miss your material but we will survive. Peace brother.


  2. I hope the surgery was very successful and you'll be back to the keyboard soon!

  3. Alan,
    this is a new type of technique where they shave the bones, then add a spacer that will allow growth of scar tissue to replace the cartilage. Supposedly has less rehab needed, we'll see.

    I'll know more in about 10 days, in the meantime I'll still read, and probably comment, but in very short replies ;)

  4. I hope that your thumb has a speedy recovery. As Alan said, we'll miss your posts but will somehow make it through! Praying for you...


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