Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Sore Thumb - Redux

So far, so good. The thumb is currently encased in gauze, cotton batting, thumb brace and ace bandage. Its braced at an angle so it doesn't move, this is to keep the bones and the spacer aligned until everything heals.

The next step happens Monday, when they take this soft cast off, and replace it with something much harder, and heavier.

And so it goes .....


  1. I hope you are healing well, and wanted to say "hi" from RevGalBlogPals, where you are being introduced as a new member this morning.

  2. Hey, RC, welcome to the RevGals! Glad to see you here. Hope the thumb is much better.

  3. Thanks !!

    Thumb is doing OK ... trying not to use the hand is harder ;)

  4. Welcome to RevGalBlogPals! I hope your healing process proceeds smoothly.


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