Friday, December 18, 2009

Good News for the New Year

As the longtime readers of this blog know (all 2 or 3 of you), I'm friends with a few people at Plodding Theological Seminary, or as I like to rib Rev. Kim, the better PTS.

Anyway, I heard from one of those friends who graduated this past June. It seems that she is going to preach her candidating sermon next month just before the Congregational Meeting to see if the Presbyterian Church in Cannoli* PA will call her to the pulpit there. As those of you who have been in the process know, this is a time of negotiation over terms of call, as well as one of uncertainty since she would be the first female pastor (other than the interim) called to this church.

However, if the way be clear, she is looking at ordination and installation sometime early next year. So she's busy putting together the service of ordination, as well as installation. Not to mention having to find pastors and elders to fill two commissions as she will be ordained in one presbytery (Nother Completely-different Presbytery), and installed in another (Crimson-rock Presbytery). Trying to do all this just before Christmas is frustrating, as everyone is concentrating on the holy day. However, you really don't want to put this off until later, as some people may have vacation plans right after Christmas to get some time off before Lent !!

Needless to say, she is being very calm and patient about this, although she says her hubby is a nervous wreck.

... and so it goes.

* all church and location names are changed to protect the innocent ;)


  1. Praying for her.

    Word veri: winerip. Interesting!

  2. Love the word verification. The kids at seminary joke about intinction as rip and dip

  3. AKA, chunk and dunk. I'm not sure my people like it when I refer to passing the plates and such as "Hubcap Communion."


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