Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Thumb Saga ... the road goes ever on !!

As we left my thumb about two weeks ago, it had just been prodded, xray-ed and put back in a cast. Yesterday, it was finally freed from the last hard cast. For the past six weeks, my left hand always looked like it was giving a thumbs up anytime I turned my hand sideways. Today, I can actually have the thumb move around a bit.

Which brings me to this thought. I want the hard cast back !!! I didn't realize that the cast was protecting me from the muscle movements I haven't done in six weeks. OWWWWW!!

My first physical therapy was today. Its amazing, I get to pay (well my health insurance does) to have someone take my thumb and do things that make me long to have my bad joint back because it never hurt this bad.

Of course, its not the joint that is causing the pain, that is long gone now, its the muscles that were rudely moved out of the way for the surgery, along with the other muscles and joints that have not been used for six weeks.

Before the cast was removed, I had visions of driving to visit SWMBO's family in a warmer part of the US. Now, I have no doubts that driving for prolonged periods of time would not be a good thing. I have to keep saying that this is all for the good, and that Aleve* is my friend.

At least I can type better than before, no cast to get in the way.

.... and so it goes !!

* registered trademark of Bayer Healthcare LLC.


  1. Glad to see you were able to type and submit a great stanza for the Sappy Christmas Song contest! Hope you return to complete normalcy very very soon.

  2. We don't realize all of the intricacies of the human body and take so much of it for granted, until we're missing part of it or have to repair part of it. Hope you're back to 100% soon.

  3. Its a long road, but I can see improvement.


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