Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why do we have YAADs again ??

As to emphasize the point I made in two previous posts, as I was watching the video feed from the 219th GA tonight I saw something that should make every Christian who believes John 14:6, whether liberal, moderate or conservative weep.

As I watched the nFOG floor debate, one Teaching Elder who was speaking in opposition to the nFOG brought up that the Foundations part of the nFog does not clearly affirm the teaching of John 14:6, and smacks of universalism, that is, there are more than one path to God.

In favor of the nFOG, a YAAD spoke up, and was talking about her feelings as a "young adult", which wasn't a problem, but then she addressed the previous speaker's universalism comments.

To paraphrase:

I don't think that that is against scripture and our teachings

I rest my case !!

UPDATE: I'm surprised no one told me that I had TAAD instead of YAAD in my title. I guess everyone knew what I meant ;)


  1. I saw that too and rolled my eyes in exasperation. There was an attempt to address the role of YADS but it was soundly defeated in committee. So there you go.

  2. I guess there are two things that are going to have to be done in order for this to be fixed:

    1. Change the way we select people for GA. You'd think with all the revision in the nFOG, they would include something to make the GA more 'diverse' (for lack of a better term).

    2. Have a majority of presbyteries join together in an overture to insure that those selected as YAADs, do have an idea of what Scripture says, and that BOO is not something you say while in costume on Halloween !!

  3. I too was wholly unimpressed with the input of the YADS and the TSADs.

    I was a TSAD in 2002, elected by classmates. One of my theology profs asked tongue-in-cheek, knowing my tendencies to the conservative side of things, "How'd you slip through?" There were about 5 of us who were always in the minority.


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