Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Yellow Dog's Side Did Not Win !!

Some say that I'm a Yellow Dog Democrat, that is, if the Democrats put a yellow dog up for election, I'd vote for it. That's not necessarily true, but coming from a blue collar Democratic household, it has a ring of truth. I've not lived in a state with a party line vote selection in over 30 years, right now I do.

This area of the state uses electronic voting machines, so voting is touch screen, you could vote party line in less than 15 seconds if you're good, 30 seconds if you're really slow. That said, when I was at the polls I noticed it was taking people a lot longer than it would have by voting party line. I suspect it was a very considered vote both nationally and locally.

In this election, I voted for the other guy. I've always been a contrarian, more often than not, winding up on the other side of the Presidential vote. Primarily because I vote on issues, not on whether a guy looks good in a suit on TV. Based on my background, I voted for McCain on a lot of issues that I have strong opinions on.

1: Support of the military, and of the modernization of our military weaponry. We may decide to stop for the next 4 to 8 years, but other countries not so friendly to us have not. Witness the interesting move of Russian missiles near to the Russian-Polish border !!

2: Support of a pro-life position. Now I'm not against abortion on demand during the time defined in Roe v. Wade. This may make me an apostate in some pro-life eyes, but its my opinion that people make mistakes, or accidents happen. A child should not be brought into the world that will not be loved from the moment of conception. That said, I reject any thought of abortion past the that time as listed above.

3: He was totally vetted, as I mentioned in my previous post, there are still a few unknowns about our next President.

That said, I finish with an email I wrote very early Wednesday morning to a friend:

McCain conceded about 30 minutes or so ago, a very good and honest speech. I hope he'll still be the maverick in the Senate and give the Majority Party some heartburn.

FWIW ... I do NOT like having an Executive and Legislative Branch controlled by one party. There will be no check or balances until the next Congressional election in 2010, which is way too long.

This is why I voted for McCain for President, I would rather have someone who can work with the Congress, yet willing to tell them NO, then someone of the same party who is less than willing to do so.

That said, we're all Americans and I'll support the new President where I can, and oppose him where I must.

God Bless America !!

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