Thursday, January 14, 2010

I hope the PNC meant what they said ... !

In my last post, I mentioned that a friend was being called to her first pulpit. Evidently the PNC was very enamored and made her feel very welcomed. While not all felt the same way, most of those she met before the congregational meeting were happy to have her come to shepherd their church. I pray that the PNC reflected what the rest of the church thinks.

I regularly read the blog Kopp Disclosure. I find that his insights on church life are always dead on. While reading his post of Jan 13th, I came across this line: Churches and countries can't move forward if they're always looking at their, uh, behinds.. Which makes me reiterate, I PRAY that the PNC reflected what the rest of the church thinks.

This reminded me about a conversation I had with a former pastor. He was telling me about a pastor friend of his that believed the PNC's ideas about the future of the church. Unfortunately, those ideas were not reflective of some in the church, the some who happened to be the movers and shakers (or sneaks and submariners, take your pick) in the church.

Needless to say, that didn't turn out too well. Again, I PRAY that the PNC reflected what the rest of the church thinks.

..... and so it goes !!

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  1. I hope so, too. In my first call, 20% voted no and I was told it was only because I was the first woman pastor they would have. I won over a lot of those No votes (you get to know who they are), but those who were dead set against me from the start dug in their heels and with the help of a very (il)liberal and institutional COM, made sure I was gone in two years. My ministry has never really recovered, and I wish now I'd turned down that call and waited for something else.

    But you never really know till you get into it, do you?


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